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 For over 15 years, Leonardo Miranda has been working on research and healing with the ancient Tarot archetypes, uniting them with the universe of Art in his own specially created deck called Tarot Symbolic of the Arts. It also uses Waite Tarot, Sacred Path Cards and other Oracles, with Mandalas about their cycles and their questions. Allow yourself this experience!

Initial Tarot Study with Rene Stern

Beginning of the Journey in 2005

Aurora School of Tarot, with Wayner Lyra - Turma #Eremita

100% confident tarot reader in 2022

In-person services for 15 years

Online service Brazil and abroad for 5 years

Via Zoom platform



This is a project of individual search and reassessment within the artistic making, accelerated by the quarantine period, immersing in personal artistic references and in the imagetic universe contained in the 22 major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille cards. Linking each archetype with the life and work of a specific artist, from Brazil and abroad with several different languages, combining previous knowledge of this universe through studies of Jungian psychology, related to the letters. Soon after came the 56 Minor Arcana, now relating images by artists or works of various artistic languages to the Arcana. Using digital painting and collages, 78 explanatory images of each archetype emerged. Through this journey with images, the observer does not only reflect on his relationship with life, but gets to know a little about the work of other artists, through the images presented.



* All compositions below (digital painting and collage) are by Leonardo Miranda and their commercial reproduction without the author's consent is prohibited.

Innovative and unique method developed by Leonardo Miranda for learning the Tarot and its 78 cards (Major and Minor Arcana) uniting the universe of ancient Tarot archetypes with that of Art.

Through audiovisual, music, poetry and paintings, students interact with the proposed contents for the recognition of the images contained in the traditional Tarots of Marseille and Waite (among others) in their own lives, without the need to resort to an outdated form of learning. that uses only the memory, with keywords and combinations, but knowing and recognizing the archetypes through the SYNESTHESIA of the elements, they arrive at a lasting learning. 

Live classes are on the Zoom platform and are 2 hours long each.

A fully online material of all Course content is being produced to be acquired by this site soon.


DURATION: 3 months each course - 1 time/week


Download the Portfolio
of Fine Arts


- Exhibition "No Reino d'aquém de d'além pain" in Coimbra, Portugal, curated by Olga Maia Seco

- NY International Art Fair "ARTEXPO NY" at Pier 94.

- Synesthesia Exhibition:

Held at the Centro Cultural Justiça Federal from January 2011 to February 2012 - In 5 galleries on the second floor.


Held at the Center Socioculturel Madeleine Reberioux in France in April 2010 and at Galeria Santa Clara in Coimbra, Portugal in May 2010.


Held at Café Cultural Lunatico in Jardim Botânico - RJ

Held at the 22nd Book Fair in Gravataí - RS



Good photographs don't exist because they were taken on good equipment. The photograph is taken mainly in the head of the photographer and then the realization is just a matter of technique. Combining this concept with a different look from an artist who is always restless and concerned with the issues of being, which includes the body, soul and nature as a whole, I seek in each photograph to capture the scenic essence of the moment. No matter how faithful the photograph, it will always be an interpretation of reality.

* All rights reserved to ®Leonardo Miranda with the exception of the photos of TV Globo artists, as they have exclusive rights to ®Rede Globo de Televisão, commercial use and dissemination for any use being prohibited.

Television and Theater


I have been working with photos for Rede Globo television for 10 years and with photographs of professional shows.

Books, Portraits and Personal Project Orders

Everything is possible, just be creative and have the time and willingness to carry out our most daring projects. As they say in cinema: "An idea in your head and a camera in your hand".



- Sony Alpha 7IIs and Canon 60D

- Portable studio with Greika and Atek studio flashes and various infinite backgrounds on tripods. 

22 years of work in 41 shows as an actor, musician and musical director throughout Brazil.
22 years working as a professional actor, musician and musical director in more than 41 theater plays in Brazil.
They are in chronological order of debut acting in the shows:
Here they are in chronological order:
  1. Today is rock day; directed by Luis Carlos Ripper- 1995

  2. Water drop; directed by Gustavo Gasparani - 1995

  3. Memories of the Old World; directed by Stephane Brodt and Ana Teixeira - 1996

  4. Rastaprunia Tells Stories ; direction of the group Rastaprunia - 1997

  5. Severe Death and Life; directed by Gabriel Villela - 1997

  6. Touches and dances ; directed by Duda Maia - 1997

  7. Popular Tales and Songs ; directed by Agnes Moço, Duda Maia and Marcelo Morato - 1997

  8. Pleasure in Learning ; Directed by Carlos Di Muro  - 1998

  9. The Eccentric Silva Family; directed by Karen Acioly - 2000  

  10. The Sailing King  directed by Enrique Diaz - 2000

  11. Brazil from there to here; directed by Marcelo Morato - 2000

  12. My Balloons ; directed by Karen Acioly - 2001

  13. Eccentric Christmas Auto ; directed by Karen Acioly - 2001

  14. The Tao of the World; directed by Ligia Veiga - 2001

  15. Calliope Back to School; direction of the Calíope group - 2002

  16. Everybody Has, Everybody Is ; directed by Agnes Moço, Duda Maia and Marcelo Morato - 2003

  17. Malasartes ; Directed by Rubens Lima Jr. - 2004

  18. Zé Jack's adventures in Buraqueira in the Land of the Fair; directed by João Falcão - 2005  

  19. The Smallest Orchestra in the World; directed by Márcia Zanelato - 2006

  20. Arian; directed by Gustavo Paso - 2007

  21. Mom Can't Know; directed by João Falcão - 2008

  22. Cabaret of the Bad; directed by Márico Libar - 2009

  23. One-eyed; directed by John the Baptist - 2011

  24. The friends ; directed by Alice Reis- 2011

  25. The Poles; directed by João das Neves - 2011

  26. The Boy Behind the Clouds; directed by Maria Clara Wermelinger - 2011

  27. A Piece As I Like It; directed by Duda Maia and Lúcio Mauro Filho - 2012

  28. Manuel Bandeira, Star of Life ; directed by Cláudio Mendes - 2013

  29. Stories in the Wind; Directed by Guilherme Miranda - 2013

  30. The Cardboard Head Man; directed by John the Baptist - 2014

  31. Elixir of Love; directed by Daniel Herz - 2014

  32. Clementine, Where Are You? ; directed by Duda Maia - 2015

  33. A Borralheira, A Brazilian Operetta; directed by Fabiana de Mello e Souza - 2015

  34. The Pea Barber; directed by Daniel Herz - 2015

35.  France Antarctica; directed by Claudio Mendes - 2016

36.  Lost in the City; directed by Claudio Mendes - 2016

37.  War Within People; directed by Duda Maia - 2016

38.  Tra-la-la ; directed by Ana Paula Abreu - 2017

39. Imagination; directed by Ernesto Piccolo - 2017

40. The Third Bank of the River; directed by Paulo de Moraes - 2017

41. Cabeça, a Scenic Documentary; directed by Felipe Vidal - 2018

42. Poetic Sound; directed by Miguel Seabra (Portugal) - 2018

42. Bel, A Story to Sing; directed by Maria Clara Wermelinger - 2019

43. Stories from Other Carnivals; directed by Maria Clara Wermelinger - 2019

44. To God; general direction Leonardo Miranda - still in the process of rehearsal for premiere in 2020


Award nominations:

Nominations for awards  


-Won in the category of Best Musical Direction together with Leandro Muniz for the show "A play like I like" at the CBTIJ 2014 award for theater for childhood and youth.

-Nominated in the Actor category for the show "Perdidos na Cidade" and in the "Coletivo de Atores" category for the show "Guerra Dentro da Gente" in the CBTIJ award to be held this year 2017.

-Nominated in the category Actor in Children's Theater for the show "Tra-Lá-Lá" by the Botequim Cultural award in 2017.

- He competed in the category of Best Music Direction along with Leandro Muniz for the show "A play as I like" in the 2014 CBTIJ Theater Award for Children and Youth.
-Nominated in the Actor category for the show "Lost in the City" and in the "Actor Collective" category for the show "War Inside the People" at the CBTIJ Award to be held this year 2017.
-Nominated in the category Actor in Children's Theater for the show "Tra-La-La" for the Botequim Cultural Award in 2017.

Films and Series:


TRA-LÁ-LÁ, A FUTURISTIC WEBRADIO - in 2021 (Directed by Ana Paula Abreu)

Character: Seu Voronoff

POROPOPÓ - in 2018 / 2019 (Directed by Luiz Igrejas)

Character: Messenger


Participation in "FICA COMIGO ESSA NOITE" - in 2006 (Directed by João Falcão) and BOSSA NOVA - in 2000 (Directed by Bruno Barreto)

Leo Barba email 1.jpg


I work from large companies to small individual entrepreneurs.  

The goal is to make your idea a great creative piece that makes your dream move forward and reach your target audience with the necessary professionalism and agility.

Working for 18 years with design for TV, Cinema, Theater, Websites and Business, generally taking the entire visual identity, from concept to completion, the idea is always to have the work carried out within the appropriate budget for the person or company, in order to have the result closer to what you want.


Don't forget to ask for your quote. There will always be a solution.



Logos clientes leo 2013.jpg


PralaBeleleu Capa email.jpg

Project contemplated by the CONECTARTE II public notice - 2022



2nd book of a triology started with the book "A Deus", by me.

The story is fantastic realism and tells the life of Benzinho, a former resident of an imaginary place called Beleleu, a lost land between the beach and the mountains. This new saga takes place with the protagonist's escape from his homeland in a sudden from the world and from a greater meaning in his life. Throughout its trajectory, we review and reflect on various concepts and values that permeate our lives such as prejudice, the pursuit of happiness, violence, maturity, experience, among others. The first book in the series gave rise to a short film that participated in the 12th FESTLIP (International Festival of Portuguese Language Arts) that was seen by more than 5000 people worldwide at the beginning of the pandemic.


An audiovisual piece with the dramatized reading of this new work with interpretation by the author and other actors will be shown at the CONECTARTE II Festival, of the Nova Friburgo Department of Culture in 2022. Video editing and E-Book layout and illustration also done by the artist himself.








Project contemplated by the public notice Cultura nas Redes do  


The book and movie "Blob: The Day the Planet Changed!" by Leonardo Miranda are dedicated to young people and children.

Text created entirely at the time of social isolation and in the city of Nova Friburgo - RJ.

He poetically speaks a metaphor about this current moment marked by the coronavirus and quarantine. With lightness, he generates important conversations in the family, touching sensitively on points such as differences, prejudice, social classes and nature preservation. The book was also illustrated by author and designer Leonardo Miranda, with colorful and engaging layout making reading more enjoyable, both on tablets and cell phones, by the public of interest. Censorship is FREE for all ages.






#Cultural Quarantine



Capa Blob SECEC email.jpg
ADeuS livro fim mail.jpg

book "the  God"


The story of Benzinho, son of a visionary alchemist in the city. Narrator of his own life in "Beleléu", which is an allegorical city in the middle of nowhere very difficult to access, where these very peculiar characters live within the universe of Fantastic Realism. Together they unravel, among other topics, reflections on prejudice, freedom, dreams and the value of art in our world. It deals with the eternal search for something that cannot be expressed or measured in its entirety, the Great Mystery, what we call God or divine in us. 

buy the physical book

Requests by email

Price: BRL 35.00 + shipping


Leonardo Miranda or Léo Bento is, mainly within the children's/youth universe, where he has more than 100 creations guided by simplicity and creativity, in a varied repertoire ranging from instrumental to literate, totally original and versions of old national, classic and international hits.

He is on tour with his authorial show "Imaginidade" with the singer Joyce Cândido in Brazil and with a CD of the same title through digital platforms and for sale physically.

Did  jobs as music director  in various shows. Among them: “A play like I like” by Lúcio Mauro Filho and Duda Maia (Nominated for Best Musical Direction along with Lenadro Muniz for the CBTIJ 2014 award); "Moto Sensível" by Cia Híbrida de Dança; "Frida-Me", "Crows and Sunflowers" and "Yellow Figures", by Márcio Cunha; “The Boy Behind the Clouds”, by Maria Clara Wermelinger”; Brazil from Lá pra Cá”, by Marcelo Morato; “Fausto Gastronome”, by Luiz Furlanetto; “Caqui”, by Gamba Jr.; “Prazer em Aprender” (of which he is also co-author), etc. , in addition to sound editing for many other shows.

He was part of the band "João Teimoso" that won the Fest Valda 1998 with the original song "Perdidos no ar" by Juliana Impaléa.


Multi-instrumentalist, he is able to play accordion, piano, tambourine/percussion, ukulele and trumpet.


On stage, he performed with an actor/singer and musician in important  productions, such as “O Rei da Vela”, with Cia. From the Actors, “A Caolha”, “Cabaré dos Ruim”, “Mamãe Não Pode Sabe”, “Ariano”, “Death and Life Severina”, “Stay With Me This Night” and “Auto de Natal Eccentric”. Always led by renowned directors, such as João Batista, Márcio Libar, João Falcão, Gabriel Villela, Gustavo Paso, and Karen Acioly.

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