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with Leonardo Miranda & Team


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Leonardo Miranda:
Coordinator of the team @otarotparatodos, tarologist for over 15 years, Leonardo Miranda develops a research and healing work with the ancient archetypes of Tarot, uniting them with the universe of Art in his own specially created deck called Tarot Symbolic of the Arts. It also uses Waite Tarot, Sacred Path Cards and other Oracles, with Mandalas about their cycles and their questions.

Raquel Dimar:
She has been studying the tarot for some time independently using it as a tool for personal self-knowledge and also supporting the courses she teaches mostly for women,  using Vedic mythology in the healing process and expansion of female potency, present in all genders.
He expanded his knowledge and practices from the Tarot Course for Synesthesia with Leonardo Miranda and from his studies in the field of spirituality and self-knowledge, directs the wisdom of the tarot as another tool for expanding the being.

Francis the Third

Service in Libras (scheduling and values exclusively in

Tel: (11) 98392 - 6862):

Graduated in tarot with Léo Miranda in the Tarot Course by Sinesthesia. Desire  to work with empowerment for everyone in the search for knowledge and the way to be better  every day in all areas of life and personally with conscience. He is considered a born tarologist for the deserving of the gift that the Universe that presented him. He also holds a degree in pedagogy and a master's degree in education on difference, diversities and social inequalities, currently working as an access bar facilitator, educator and customer service provider in the technology environment.

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