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Tarot Courses by Synesthesia

Learn how Tarot can help you change the paths of your life by learning in a unique and original way about the 78 ancient Tarot arcana (major and minor arcana). Learn through the sensorial through films, songs, poetry and everything that resonates with your everyday life.

Learn how you can change your life
with the knowledge of Tarot!

Leonardo Miranda

Tarologist and Idealizer

Raquel Dimar

Team Monitor Tarologist

Jessica Lacerda

Official Libras Interpreter

Lucas Santos

Production manager

Become a Professional in the Field!

We don't need to be ashamed of who we are! We don't need to be afraid to charge for what was very difficult to acquire, which is knowledge.

Healing is mutual for both the consultant and the tarologist.

We can live from this art we love so much! Let's go together!

Surprise yourself!

If you "feel the call"whenever you see Tarot cards in front of you but you never felt able to learn by traditional methods, allow yourself a new chance that can change your life!

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