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Participate in our LIVE LESSON
"The Madman's Journey"

Learn Tarot in a unique and innovative method combining Tarot and Art

Here you will learn for free...

- The Journey of the Fool until reaching the archetype of the World, with all its metamorphoses.

- Reflections on Tarot today.

- How does the Tarot Method by Synesthesia work?

- What is the social function of the Tarot?

- How to position yourself in the job market.


Everyone can learn Tarot

In our School there is no limitation. Courses with Libras interpreters and thinking of you who always wanted to have access to this knowledge and didn't see yourself contemplated for some reason. If youwant to learn Tarot, you can with our direct help and without intermediaries. You can enter any of our communication channels to ask questions and/or make your comments at any time. Join our school and let's show together that Tarot can be for everyone!

I want to participate!

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